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Collider is a local multiplayer twin-stick shooter, played out in circular arenas in multiple different game modes.

This game is still in active development and we plan on having a significant amount of additional content, additional game modes, visual improvements, etc. We wanted to let the community start testing things with us now that we are mostly stable, so that's why we're putting this out as an early access item. Anyone purchasing the game now will get all updates and additional content for free. Additionally, the game's minimum price is reduced while we are in active development. If you have any questions/feedback/etc please don't hesitate to let me know at joseph@binarycocoa.com . We want to make this as awesome as we can, and the community is a major part of that.

Current Game Modes:
Arc Wars - Players fire their weapons at the adjacent players' slices, where their bullets turn to player-seeking AI. Collect powerups and outlive your opponents to win.
Acrobat - Players dodge waves of enemy AI that release from the center of the arena, and crash against the exterior walls. Every few waves a seeker will spawn, tracking the nearest enemy. The longer you survive, the faster and more numerous the seekers become.

Upcoming game modes and features:

Core Defense - Players work cooperatively to protect the core at the center of the arena. As enemies are destroyed and the core remains safe, players will power up their abilities. If the core takes damage the players lose their abilities. Every few waves a boss will spawn that attempts to reach the center of the arena. If it succeeds, you fail!

Acheivements and stats.

Steam release

Mod Support

Community created game modes

And more!

Allows up to 8 players, most game modes will offer a single player option.


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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